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Featured News

Million Hearts Cardiac Rehab

Have you been signing in for the regular webinar through Million Hearts?  It's a great resource to hear about what your colleagues are doing to increase enrollment and better meet our patients needs. Most recently they provided some great resources including recordings of past webinars.  Check it out! Slides - [...]
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Review of “Association Between Initiation of Pulmonary Rehabilitation After Hospitalization for COPD and 1-Year Survival Among Medicare Beneficiaries”

Association Between Initiation of Pulmonary Rehabilitation After Hospitalization for COPD and 1-Year Survival Among Medicare Beneficiaries Peter K. Lindenauer, MD, MSc1,2,3; Mihaela S. Stefan, MD, PhD1,2; Penelope S. Pekow, PhD1,4; et alKathleen M. Mazor, EdD5; Aruna Priya, MA, MSc1,4; Kerry A. Spitzer, PhD, MPA1; Tara C. Lagu, MD, MPH1,2; Quinn R. Pack, MD, MSc1,2,6; Victor [...]
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Review of the article “Effect of Initiating Cardiac Rehabilitation After Myocardial Infarction on Subsequent Hospitalization in Older Adults”

by Mary Ann Compton An article in The Journal of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation caught my eye recently both because of the subject matter and because I recognized several of the investigators and their ties to UNC.  The lead investigator, Montika Bush, PhD, surveyed program directors in our state last year and will soon be submitting information from that survey for [...]
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Legislative Updates: We need your help!

Cardiac and pulmonary rehab professionals – it is time to act! In March, representatives from NCCRA joined AACVPR in their efforts in Washington, DC to gain support for the Sustaining Outpatient Services Act.  This Act has the potential to directly affect the ability of cardiopulmonary rehab departments from growing and in some cases, remaining open. This bill will exempt certain hospital [...]
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The world of Cardiopulmonary Rehab in the days of COVID19

The NCCRA Board will be hosting a few online conversations that will allow our membership to hear about the current status of a few programs across the state and then engage in a round table discussion. We hope this will be helpful to our membership as they navigate this new landscape of the COVID19 pandemic.  The dates that are currently planned include: Wed, May 27 at 1pm and Friday, May 29 [...]
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